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the asians are coming, the asians are coming

look, asshole,
crouching tiger, hidden dragon wasn't
our one shot at love.
it's the precursor
of what's to come.

"oh, hey, it's cool to like these asian people, as long as they're being asian on the big screen, and they're in asia, and it's a long time ago, and they're speaking asian (thank god for subtitles), and they're fighting and i love fighting, but some of it seems a bit far-fetched--thank goodness i saw keanu reeves do that shit first in the matrix, and who cares if they're kissing, as long as they're kissing other asians, i have nothing to worry about."?

wrong, motherfucker, 'cuz we're not just on the big screen in the kung fu flicks you adore, we're the ones who actually saw that film 5 fucking times at 9 bucks a pop, 'cuz we were amazed that our faces weren't on the big screen fighting in the vietnam war, and we're not just on the big screen lady from oregon. we're cleaning your clothes, we're programming your websites, and we're getting into your schools--for free. raise the bar and we'll meet it. and we're not just chinese. and most of the chinese are reading the subtitles, too, 'cuz it's in mandarin. and we're not just kissing other asians. our mad sexy asses are getting play all over the ethnic spectrum- how the fuck do you think rob schneider, the rock, and keanu reeves were made? and you know what? it's never gonna stop.

the asian invasion is a reality, and we fuck so good it's only gonna get bigger.

bigger than chinese on t-shirts,
take out in the mall,
and yoga.

bigger than play station 2,
tai kwon do,
and dots on foreheads.

bigger than honda,
and east asian studies minors.

you asked for
a global economy,
well, "so solly,"?
if it blows up in your face
and goes beyond
trying to get
a billion chinese on AOL,
eating KFC,
in their gap khaki's.

am i ranting? fuck yeah.
and you're not
shutting me up
until the egg roll is recognized
as an american food!

am i preaching to the choir?
fuck yeah.
you enlightened, going to the poetry readings, listening to the gooks
are not the honkeys
i'm trying to scare- i love you people.

my dirty chinese/ japanese knees
are going for the
throat of suburbia,
where confederate flags are raised,
where the mtv spring breakers are found,
christian clubs overrun high schools.

look here!
i got a chip on me shoulder
the size of
24 years of being
underrepresented, lumped into a group,
made to feel inadequate
and i've had enough!

i've got a non-specific game plan
that is currently just really angry
and will be better thought out later,
so rise up
my gooky slope chink japo flip slanties!

the highest per capita income group
in this country
must realize the political power of this
in a nation
built on moolah.

i'm not saying eliminate anyone,
i'm not a racist-
you are, texas!

i'm saying,
let's give them
the melting pot
america's always talked about,
and watch hair get darker,
eyes get smaller,
and everyone fuck
that much better.

crush poem no. 3

bjork hugs the length
of my spine
and i am daydreaming brunch
w/ you.

the silly combination of mimosas
and confessions.

i want to give you
my undeveloped smiles.

i'm having
a hard time focusing.

your touch is a memory
my imagination has made
ever present.

i'm trying to impress you
with words
when i should let go
of guarded statement
just listen.

let your glance
move me how it will.

let my hips react
to your statements
i am home alone,
pretending to talk to you
in the mirror.

at this point i see a painting.

fill it with what you want,
i have trusted you since
we sang our first song together.

are you swooning yet?

like i do when i'm told
you might be there.

my feet are so used to
almost losing their balance
because of you.

i don't know anything
about love.

help me.

haiku no. 83

help! i'm trapped inside
my parent's house in long island
writing in sweatpants!

Beau Sia is a Chinese American boy, born in the year of the Dragon. He is the author of a Night Without Armor II: The Revenge (MouthAlmighty Books), he has a spoken word album called Attack! Attack! Go! (MouthAlmighty/Mercury Records), is featured in the films Slam and Slam Nation, has had his poetry appear during ESPN's 2000 Winter X-Games, is a member of two national poetry slam championship teams, and he loves to play guitar.

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