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by Tim, Chia-Ti, Kai, Ishle, Beau, Taiyo, Omar, Mas, Nancy, and Helen

I live for love.
No matter what it may bring me.
I live for my parents and the Issei.
I live for sunsets and nights out at the copa when I can find a good dance partner
I live for a world where my children's names are spelled, spun, and recited correctly
I live for audiences my shade of brown so they can see me, hear me, and know that their voices are valuable.
I live for us to melt the armor down.
I live for black eyed peas in the soup of each song
My mother's city before it shrunk too small for the
gaping roots of my naked dreams
I live for fire, passion, and conviction refusing to let lives slip easy from my palms.
I live for rooftops and ledges that give me space to love and cry
Embedding sunrises into my mind
and people into my heart.
I live for the day when my hungers for peace will be fufilled, when I'll be able to look at the world, gaze past imperfections to see humanity, precious.
I live for the speaker who asked, "Who are you not to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? You are a child of God."
I live for memory making
story telling
pockets full of laughter
I live for Allyssa who calls me kuya, for Ma who calls me anak and sometimes darling.
I live for beautiful women and their sad heart shapped asses, beautiful men and their broken hearts, and to swallow each mouthful of love with the gratitude of the hungry
I live because sometime the memory is more substantial than event.
I live for washing my narcoleptic love in the sink of his
to untie our hands with poems,
splash truth to the tongue
I live for my hips.
They are in this world to be swung.
I live to know the pain of too much tenderness
I live to prove that I hve history. That I am History. That yellow is more than golden, it is strong and beautiful.
I live for failed
father's dreams and
life's lost legacies.
I live because the opposite of living is
only not living and I cannot give up
this bounty I have gathered.
I live for my lola who carried seven children with her slender brown arms.
I live for the pools of my mother's eyes
no one can rock those wooden stillettos
and pick up my pieces
and love me like you
I live to defy the statistics that tell me that I should be dead, in jail, or a doctor because I'm Queer, Asian, or Immigrant.
I live for the moment when I have the courage to show my parents who I really am.
I live for the promise of possibility.
I live for my comics.
I live for sweaty reggae beats at Bob's.
I live for the husky boys, the stocky boys, the double XLs with chubby cheeks and so much loving.
I live for ocean.
I live for SPAM because some parts are meat!
I live for chocolate.
I live for silences so awkward that I am forced to speak.
I live for me.
I live for us.
I live for this.

© 2001 feedBACK